June 2005

Eye Askant

Governance and political campaigns from a marketing perspective.

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It will always be my joy and pride to have aligned myself with what was right and noble in such a time as the 2004 presidential election. 

In being there in Luneta, Makati, Calamba and other great political gatherings, in standing behind Bro. Eddie and all that he symbolized, in being one with the multitudes that had no agenda but the redemption of our society, I found myself in the distinguished company of nationalists, patriots, activists and reformers whose love for our country transcends religion, ideology, social class, economic status and whose pure motive shines in our country’s darkened sky. 

In such a time as this, there was no place more honorable to be than beside those yellow-clad army of our national redemption!  While I ached to hear some voices that were silent and see some faces that were absent (How loud their silence, how eloquent their absence!), I was nonetheless exhilarated by those that I heard and saw. 

Napatunayan ko ang aking paniwala:  Maraming marangal na Filipino! 

While a sadly big number of our people had been damaged and disfigured by the system, there stands a remnant whose “knees have not bowed to Baal”, who have not lost the greatness of the Filipino KALOOBAN.  If only for them and because of them, our nation has hope!  And if only because of why and how we stood together, great victory had already been won!

As usual, many disenfranchised voters rage and scramble to find their missing names in voters’ lists and many sectors have began crying “Daya!” 

As for me, I sit in a quiet corner pondering the trophies already won in this great contest:   AWESOME UNITY forged and shown by numberless Christian congregations and individuals that transcended the usual dividing walls and stood as one (The mostly-Christian Luneta rally crowd was arguably the biggest assembly in Philippine religious and political history! 

After being united by this great cause, the Philippine Christian Church will never be the same again!); A FORMIDABLE SHOW OF FORCE of Bible-based Christians.

Whether or not Bro. Eddie wins the presidency, we have already won a notable place in our nation’s consciousness that even non-Christian politicians and public officials will be more sensitive and respectful to our values and sensibilities; A DRAMATIC REALIZATION OF OUR GREAT POTENTIAL FOR AND IN UNITY. 

Lapiz on Villanueva

“I sit in a quiet corner pondering the trophies already won in this great contest"

Pastor Ed Lapiz

"I sit in a quiet corner pondering the trophies already won in this great contest: Awesome unity forged and shown by numberless Christian congregations and individuals."


About the Professor

In his 35 years in advertising, Professor Pozon has been been involved, in varying degrees, independently and as an agency man, with political campaigns.